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Performs and releases his own music that demonstrates a fusion influenced by multiple genres.


Produces music for different components like other artists,  television, online videos, radio, film, presentations and more. 


Composes classical music and orchestral pieces . Most of these are related to film scoring and scenario balades.



Ben Alexander is a producer, composer and artist from Norway. He is specialized in electronic music production but also produces and composes music for films, documentaries, radio and television.  

His music has been played on both radio and television around Scandinavia, United Kingdom, USA, South America and many other countries. Ben performes regulary in Scandinavia and works with both national and international artists and musicians. 

Growing up in Norway, Ben was inspired by the majestic Norwegian nature and heritage and wanted to express this through his experimental way of creating  music. As a teenager, him and his family moved to Rio De Janeiro, Brazil and he spent 2 years learning about South America and its musical hallmarks. Ben was influenced by the Brazilian rythms and it enriched his passion for multicultural music as well. 

Over the years, Ben Alexander has gained a reputation of being a very creative and talented music producer and composer, a great performer and an innovative artist.



The music portrayed in this trailer is composed, produced and arranged by Ben Alexander. The film is created by Nansen Polar Expeditions, a Norwegian company that offers expeditions to the Arctic. With Ben's beautifully composed score combined with the magnificent scenes captured by the renowned photographer Audun Lie Dahl, this trailer shows the majestic and extraordinary beauty that our planet has to offer.



The latest single "Upeo // Daybreak" is now available wherever you stream your music! 

"I am very much proud of this single as I have worked a long time on it and it's finally ready for everyone to enjoy. It is part of a greater project, but I don’t want to say too much about that now. The single itself is meant to tell a story through music and although I have my own stories to present, I would encourage the audience to create their own narrative and connect with the single through their own inner self rather than being too affected by my descriptions. The single is set up by an intro and the main track that is two parts of a whole and hopefully, my listeners will appreciate and truthfully enjoy it in a matter that makes sense to them" - Ben Alexander in a recent interview with Music For Lunch 



"A huge thanks to these wonderful music blogs who took the time to review my new single. I am so grateful and humbled you liked it and your words are beautiful. Thank you" - Ben Alexander


"Minimalist but urging on the side of Massive Attack caution for me, caution might be the wrong word though because Daybreak really is about stirring the listener into thoughtful reflection. And that could happen anywhere, be it the morning after in Ibiza or just before you shave for the 5th this week before trundling into the office. It has an uplifting quality that reminded me of Jean Michel Jarre and as a mood piece it is quite the tonic for same-same diffusion. Nicely done Ben, really onto something here"


"Elegant, lush and melodic slice of woozy electronic pop; it is hushed, heartfelt and pensive as gentle keys carry us on a melodic meander until an explosion of synths, drums and colour - it is passionate and powerful"


"I like the piano use on this and how it builds around 02:00. The end of the track is actually really nice"


"This was super well produced"


"Daybreak is super chill, this one is pretty intense when it kicks in"


"This sounds very well produced and composed"


"Pleasant piano sound, awesome melodic side of the track"


"Did like the chilled beats and lush tones to the arrangement. All the best!"


"The song sounds very atmospheric and interesting instrumentally and production-wise. We appreciate the artistry and creative vision the piece presents, and all the best!"