Ben Alexander is an artist, music producer, and composer from Norway.

He is known to have an experimental style that transcends the traditional boundaries of music genres. Raised by a Congo-born mother, he has a trained ear for African instrumentals and percussion – but also a deep fascination for electronic music. These various inputs enable him to understand and appreciate a wide arrange of styles. His list of inspirations speaks for itself: Bon Iver, Kanye West, Michael Jackson, Royksopp, Deep Forest, and Hans Zimmer. Ben wrote his first song at the age of eight and plays classical piano, guitar, and drums.

He has a string of collaborations with Norwegian and international artists and has performed at major events in Scandinavia and the Mediterranean.

Ben is in pursuit of the delicate point where genuine music innovation meets catchy hitmaking. He, therefore, enjoys collaborating with people of various backgrounds and artistic styles – to produce a unique and memorable sound.



"Somni" is a track that presents how falling in love with a desire, a dream or an idea can, sometimes, be more appealing than what reality offers. The track is sung by Norwegian electro-artist Mormaid and represents the second collaboration with Ben Alexander. "Somni" is now available wherever you stream your music. 


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